Some thoughts on Aesthetics


At the centre of our notion of design as an art, of art itself and consequently of architectural composition and design quality in manufactured things lies the idea of aesthetics as a generator of value and a branch of philosophy.  The nature of aesthetics and aesthetic sensibility have been the subject of many treatises throughout history.  During the Renaissance the subject was considered in great depth in connection with music, painting, sculpture and architecture.  Analogies passed backwards and forwards between these arts and this proved useful in clarifying concepts and sensibilities. Continue reading Some thoughts on Aesthetics

Are you Techno or are you Eco?

It’s hard sometimes to argue a case for the existance of environmental problems with a stalwart denier. They will always have the latest sensational report trashing the integrity of the IPCC or some maverick theory of sunspots or earth wobbles to undermine the modelling and observations of a thousand scientists. And, indeed, science itself is not that good at dealing with complexity in reality. Anyway for the vast majority of us a truly informed view is beyond our reach. Sometimes, as old as I am, I realise that the vast majority of what I believe in is learned rather than first hand experience. I have to choose, to a large extent, who I believe.

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