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My Work Portfolio offered a general indication of my professional experience and capabilities when practicing as an architect, but also extended into other areas of interest and concern.

I was a senior partner of GMW Architects for many years before resigning my partnership in March 2009. I then worked as a consultant for three further years. GMW Architects was a medium to large practice, started in the mid nineteen forties by Frank Gollins, James Melvin and Edmund Ward. The practice adopted a strict regime of succession and I was one of the fourth generation of senior partners.

I continued to sustain my Chartered Architect status until January 2022, when I ceased my registration with the Architects Registration Council (ARB) and so have retired from my Chartered Architect status.

Among the building projects in my portfolio, many were of a large size and commissioned by major developers or public bodies. It was in the latter part of my career at GMW that I developed a passion for sustainable buildings and low energy projects and since my retirement from GMW I have moved further along the path of green thinking to a point where I question much of the current conventional wisdom of the architectural profession, the business of real estate development and the operations of the building industry.

While I feel that the building projects I was involved in at GMW Architects reflect the design goals I have believed in and pursued over the years and, as such, they represent valid and justifiable design approaches for their time and culture, there is also a sense that they belong as much to GMW Architects as to me personally. Currently, I can addopt a more personal approach to the exploration of the issues and culture of design in the twenty first century.

In any case, we all move on. . .